Presentation of the book by Oleg Leonov "Suvorov's march on Warsaw in 1794"

The Russian Knights Foundation and the Military Uniform Museum invite you to the presentation of the book by Oleg Leonov "Suvorov's March on Warsaw in 1794".

We are waiting for you on April 28 (Wednesday) at 19: 00 at the Military Uniform Museum at the address: Moscow, Bolshaya Nikitskaya, 46/17, p. 1.

The new book in the series "Library of the Old Zeichhaus" is dedicated to the events of the Russian-Polish War of 1794. Despite the fact that the title mentions only the campaign of A.V. Suvorov to Warsaw, in fact, the geography of the events described in it affects the territories of modern Poland, Belarus and Lithuania, which were part of the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth in 1794.

In addition to the already well-known scientific studies, published sources and collections of documents related to the events of Russian-Polish relations in the period 1792-1794, the author used a number of documents not published to date from the collections of the Archive of Foreign Policy of the Russian Empire (AVPRI of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation) and the Russian State Military Historical Archive (RGVIA).

In addition to documents, the book for the first time presents original maps, plans and schemes of sieges, battles and troop deployments, stored in the funds of the RGADA, RGVIA and AVPRI.