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Author's tour of the Crimean War

Art Night    Session 2         18:00-19:30

Art Night    Session 1         17:40-18:00

The beginning of the heroic defense of Sevastopol

Hussar tashka

When did the helmets appear in the Russian army?

Military uniforms from the Russian Civil War

Private Moscow Grenadier Regiment

Video tour: "The Legend of the Forage Cap"

Video tour: "The story of one hiking coat"

Video tour: "Medal for the capture of Berlin"

Video tour: "The Order of Glory is the main soldier's award of the USSR"

Video tour: "Gold Star" Hero"

Video tour: "Kepi is a "new model" hat

Video tour: "The legendary knife of a scout sample of 1940"

Video tour: "Tank Man's Day"

Video tour: "Flyers in World War I"

Video tour: "Say it, uncle, it's not for nothing..."

Video tour: «His Imperial Majesty's Majesty's Page Corps»

Video lecture "The military industry of the USSR in the Great Patriotic War"

Video lecture "Hero of the War of 1812, General A.P. Tormasov"

Video lecture "General M.I. Dragomirov and the reform of the Russian army"

Video lecture "Semantics of Russian management"

History of Russian blades

Scooter troops of the Russian Empire

Daughter of the Kexholm Regiment

Victory Day in the Battle of Kursk

Day of the Russian flag

"They Will Save Us": Russian Expeditionary Force in France

The secret of the Nikolaev helmet

Battle of Novi - Suvorov's most difficult victory

Russian Air Force Day

The dagger is a symbol of courage and courage

Why did the soldiers bite the cartridges and where were they stored?

"Attack of the Dead", Osovets, 1915

Forgotten Victory: Battle of the Molodi

Day of the Russian Airborne Forces

"Marine Poltava" - Battle of Gangut

Memorial Day for Russian soldiers who died in World War I. war

Video lecture: "None of this happened in our region"

Art Night    Session 4         21:00-22:30

Art Night    Session 3         19:30-21:00

Video tour «Boots of victory»

Video tour «The DAY of memory of LERMONTOV»

Video tour « The Day of navy of russia»

Video tour «What do military lapel badges mean?»

Video tour «Oh, those epaulettes!»

Video tour «Take your coat, let's go home…»

Video tour «A badge of honor placed on the shoulders…»

Video tour «Beginning of the patriotic war»

Masterclass «Eternal Flame»

Masterclass «3D greeting card on Navy Day»

Masterclass «Golden star of the hero»

Masterclass Russian hussars

Masterclass Tank

Masterclass «Beskozyrka»

Masterclass Airplane

Masterclass Military cap

Masterclass Epaulettes

Masterclass Army binoculars

Masterclass Busby

Masterclass "Shoulder straps and ranks"

Masterclass «3D greeting card on Navy Day»

Master Class "A Soviet helmet»

Master Class «Red army soldier»

Master Class "Cap"

Lecture Topic "How to read poetry texts on historical subjects"

Masterclass «Russian cannon»

Masterclass «Budenovka»

Masterclass «Secrets of Military Intelligence Encryption»

Masterclass «The Soldier's Triangle»

Video tour «Where was the officer's scarf worn?»

Video tour "Who cleaned the battered shako?

Video tour « The day of military glory of Russia hooray!

Video tour "The day of military glory of russia"

Video tour «The birthday of nicholas I»

Video tour «Gorget - what is it?»

Video tour «Waving the feathers on their hats»

Video tour «A badge of honor placed on the shoulders…»

Video tour "Equipment of the soldier of the future”

Navigation school video tour

Video tour "The Sumy hussar regiment of General Seslavin"

Video tour "Sailor of the Russian-Japanese war”

Video tour "Achievements of the latest armored vehicles”

Video tour  "The Soviet naval infantry”

Video tour " Symbol of sailor pride»

Video tour "Day of memory and sorrow"

Video tour "About a Nurse in The First World war"

Master class "Russian semaphore alphabet”

Master class "Sea knots in practice"

Lectures "History as an exact science"

Lecture "Library front"

Lecture "Soviet women on the fronts of The Great Patriotic war"