Day of Historical and Cultural heritage in the Military Uniform Museum
We invite you to the architectural tour "Secrets of the ancient manor"

Visit the Museum free of charge on the map "Moskvenok"
Military Uniform Museum joined the project of the Mayor of Moscow "MUSEUMS FOR CHILDREN".

Olympiad "Museums. Parks. Homesteads"
The Military Uniform Museum became the venue for the Olympiad "Museums. Parks. Homesteads"

Online project «Cultural arsenal»
About the mutual influence of art and the army, about outstanding figures of national culture who are directly related to the Armed Forces

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About museum

In   February 2017 in the   manor building Turgenev-Botkin opened a new museum of the Russian military ‑ historical societies  — Museum of military uniforms.
since 1868
Museum Goal  — tell a story of the Russian army through visualization of images, about  development army, the relationship of martial art and uniforms.
representing the stages of evolution and  transformation military uniform
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