"Through the times"

On September 22, 2020 The Military Uniform Museum of the Russian Military-Historical society will open an exhibition of military historical miniatures "Through the times".

The exhibition will feature collections of miniatures that clearly show the evolution of the military uniform of the Russian army from the XVIII to the XXI century. Visitors will see collections of soldiers in art paintings, exclusive silver-plated versions, bronze and tin, miniature compositions dedicated to Soviet women soldiers, as well as the famous series "Warriors of Russia" Of the club of military leaders of the Russian Federation, the series "Rulers of Russia" with the coronation carriage of Catherine I and a collection of space themes.

The exhibits were created by the best world-class sculptors. Among the most famous participants of the exhibition are the section of military historical miniatures of the Moscow branch of The Russian Military-Historical society under the direction of Yuri Alekseev, the St. Petersburg art Studio "Baltic collection of soldiers" by Andrey Kalinin, and the Moscow art Studio " Tin Parade "("Tin Parade») Alexander Otroshchenko, Dmitry Karamnov's Studio " Chronos miniatures "(Podolsk), lerchik Studio of the miniaturist Yudin Zhao (China, Chengdu), 2dreamers studios (Czech Republic) and EK Hastings studios (Moscow Ekaterinburg) under the leadership of Edward Kosintseva and many others.

A particularly striking addition to the exhibition will be the works of Vyacheslav Nazaruk, academician, winner of the state prize of the USSR. Visitors will be able to see original copies of bronze "cartoon" soldiers-participants of the battle of Borodino.

The exhibition is organized jointly with the Moscow regional branch of The Russian Military-Historical society and will run until November 22, 2020.