Lermontov's Corner

The permanent exhibition "A uniform for a hero" of the Museum of military uniform is supplemented by an exhibition "Lermontov's Corner", which presents items from the collection of the State Lermontov Museum-Reserve "Tarkhany".
The main exhibit of the exhibition is the personal pipe of Mikhail Yuryevich Lermontov in a silver frame with an amber mouthpiece. This item was donated to the Tarkhany Museum-Reserve by one of the poet's descendants, Vladimir Mikhailovich Lermontov, who kept the pipe “as a family relic”. According to him, Mikhail Yurievich left her at the house of his relative M.N. Lermontov when he stopped there on the way to the Caucasus. The exhibit is exhibited for the first time outside the walls of the State Lermontov Museum-Reserve "Tarkhany".
Lermontov's Corner

Complements the corner of the poet's portrait-a copy of the work of P. E. Zabolotsky " Portrait of M. Y. Lermontov in the mentic of the life guards of the hussar regiment. 1837". the Original portrait was painted at the very beginning of 1837, shortly after the order to expel the poet to the Caucasus, when the grandmother wanted to have a new portrait of her grandson and turned to the artist Zabolotsky, who taught Lermontov drawing. In the portrait, the poet is depicted in the uniform of the chief officer of the life guards of the hussar regiment, in which he served in the 1830s. It is noteworthy that exactly the same mentik can be seen in the main exhibition Of The Military Uniform Museum.

The Museum also presents a copy of the poet's watercolour "Maneuvers in Krasnoe Selo" in 1834, the original of which entered the Museum of the Nikolaev Cavalry school (Lermontov Museum) in 1883 from Alexey Afanasyevich Stolypin, who inherited it from his father, the younger brother of his grandmother M. Yu.Lermontov. A cover letter addressed to the head of the Nikolaev Cavalry school A. A. Bilderling has been preserved for the drawing: "this drawing was made by Lermontov during his stay at the school and represents maneuvers. On the bridge, General Schlippenbach, the General response is very similar. I hope that this drawing, which belongs to Lermontov's youth, will be interesting for placement in the school's Museum." In 1941, the original work was irrevocably lost.

Cooperation between The Military Historical Museum of the Russian Military-Historical society  and the state Lermontov Museum-reserve "Tarkhany" is carried out for the first time and is aimed at strengthening inter-Museum and scientific cooperation, improving Museum work and popularizing the history and culture of Russia.