The action "Night in the Museum" was held in the Museum of Military Uniforms

The first action "Night in the Museum" was held in the Museum of Military Uniforms. Throughout the evening and until midnight, interactive tours were held in the museum, and music was played in the "Music Room of the Vasilchikov Estate".

The action started with the performance of future stars of the music scene: pupils of the ensemble "Young Gnesintsy" MGDMSH im. The Gnessins performed old songs and marches such as" The Hussar Officer "by Fyodor Koni, the march of the Preobrazhensky Regiment," It was near Poltava " by Ivan Molchanov, and others.

Taking over the baton, the performance was continued by young talents from the orchestra of wind and percussion instruments "Slavyanka" of the DSHI named after A. S. Dargomyzhsky under the baton of Artemy Yudin. Their program consisted of all the favorite tunes: waltz from the film "On the Seven Winds" by Kirill Molchanov, "Farewell to the Slavs", "Ballad of a Soldier" from the film "On a Difficult Day" by Vasily Solovyov-Sedoy and many others.

A special costume program "Night of Self-Government: A Revived History" was waiting for visitors in the exhibition halls of the museum. 5 museum exhibits from different eras of Russian history came to life and told interesting stories about themselves. The guests met with a private of the Petrine era, a lady-in-waiting of the Empress Catherine Alekseevna, Grand Duchess Maria Alexandrovna, Antonina, a nurse of the Chapaev division, and a Red Army soldier of the pre-war Red Army.

The heroes of the old days told about the form in which they had to fight, how military uniforms changed over time, and how the soldier of the future would look like.

Simultaneously with the museum tour, the Column Hall hosted a classical music concert "May Evenings", which was attended by Sofia Vnukova (violin), Anastasia Borodkina (piano), Yevgeny Terletsky (viola) and Sofia Ignatenko (piano). Works by Bach, Paganini, Izai, Shchedrin and other great composers were a great addition to a walk through the picturesque halls of the old Vasilchikov estate.

The culmination of the evening was the concert "Tempo Fugis", organized in memory of the daughter of Professor RAM im. The Gnessins of Arkady Sevidov. From a small idea, the program has grown and turned into a bright and significant multi-genre action. In addition to Arkady Gavrilovich himself, Nazar Kozhukhar (violin), Sergey Poltavsky (viola), Anna Katysheva (piano), Maxim Gurevich (violin), Alexander Antonov (piano), Vadim Teifikov (violin), Alexey Shatsky (piano) and Tatiana Thareva (piano, composition) performed in front of the bones.

Judging by the reviews of our visitors, we can assume that the debut "Night" for the Museum of Military Uniforms was excellent. Visits to concerts and sightseeing sessions were booked in advance online on the museum's website, and by the start of the campaign, there were almost no empty seats left. We hope that the international event "Night at the Museum" will become a good tradition for us in the future.