Kostomarovsky forum started in the Museum of Military Uniforms

On the Day of Slavic Writing and Culture, May 24, the grand opening of the International Kostomarov Forum, which was organized by the Pushkin State Institute of Russian Language in memory of the founder and first rector of the Institute Vitaly Kostomarov, took place in the Column Hall of the Museum of Military Uniforms.

It is no coincidence that the opening ceremony took place here, in the Vasilchikov city estate on Bolshaya Nikitskaya Street, where in the middle of the XIX century literary evenings and salons were held, which were attended by Gogol, Tyutchev, Aivazovsky, Sologub.
At the opening of the forum, they talked about language taste, the concept of "good text", and presented the results of the survey " Which of our contemporaries can be considered an icon of taste?". The leaders were six people whose speech users rated as exemplary and reflecting the language taste of modernity: Alyona Doletskaya, Nikolai Tsiskaridze, Dmitry Bykov, Ekaterina Shulman, Leonid Parfenov and Danya Milokhin.

Russian Russian Language Institute Rector Margarita Rusetskaya, writer and journalist Alena Doletskaya, Rector of the Vaganova Academy of Russian Ballet Nikolai Tsiskaridze, Executive Director of the Museum of Military History Elena Sinitsina and many others took part in the opening ceremony.