Press screening of the project "Suvorov. To the 290th anniversary of the birth"

"Culture cannot be quarantined", - these are the words of the Executive Director Of the Museum of military history of the Russian Military-Historical society Elena Sinitsina welcomed journalists at a special press screening of the project " Suvorov. To the 290th anniversary of his birth".

In honor of the anniversary of the great commander, The Military Uniform Museum and the State memorial Museum of A.V. Suvorov created a joint project. Alexander Vasilyevich is represented as a patriot and a great thinker, a husband, father and friend, a man who has done a great job on himself, who has overcome many personal obstacles and hardships.

The project contains the Generalissimo's personal belongings, weapons, ammunition and uniforms, as well as awards, trophies and a death mask. All these relics were carefully preserved in the A.V. Suvorov Memorial Museum in St. Petersburg and are now on display in Moscow for the first time.

The ceremony was attended by Vladimir Medinsky, assistant to the President of the Russian Federation, Chairman of the Russian Military-Historical society, and Vladimir Gronsky, Director of the A.V. Suvorov state memorial Museum.

Several years ago, the Russian military historical society conducted a huge survey together with the TV channel" Russia " - who are the most popular Russian commanders and military leaders of all times and peoples. There were also old Moscow, Imperial, and Soviet military leaders, but the first place was taken by a large margin by Alexander Suvorov. This is a man-victory, a commander who has not suffered a single defeat in his life.

Vladimir Medinsky, assistant to the President of the Russian Federation

The Project "Suvorov. By the 290th anniversary of the birth" will be available to viewers online:

Despite the fact that the Museum is currently closed, culture cannot be quarantined. thanks to the Internet, it is now possible to organize a visit to this exhibition. We planned to create not just a tour, but a 3D tour with the ability to get closer to the exhibits. We will post it on our website, and despite the fact that the Museum will not be open yet, visitors will be able to view it virtually. And when we open , they will be happy to come and see for themselves.

Director Of the Museum of military history RVIO Elena Sinitsina

As soon as the restrictions are lifted, we will be waiting for you to visit.